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Acupressure & Do-in for PalmOS

Text and Illustrations © Kevin T. Boyd
Programming by Fernando Villanova

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About PointFinder

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"Acupressure & Do-in" is an easy-to-use guide for everyday acupressure. While not in any way a replacement for professional medical care or emergency medical treatment, it is very useful for relieving minor to moderate symptoms and pains, and can be used to supplement other medical care. First, select the most appropriate body area (Head, Trunk, Limbs or Body/Anywhere), then navigate the list of symptoms to the one best describing your complaint. Acupressure & Do-in provides a list of pressure points, with descriptions and illustrations.

Use one of the following links to download the Palm OS application, Acupressure & Do-in, v2.1.


Macintosh self-extracting Stuffit file

Windows self-extracting Stuffit file

BinHex archive file

Note: If a simple click doesn't initiate download and extraction, click and hold (Mac) or right-click (PC) and select whatever's closest to "Save Link to Disk." You may need the free Stuffit Expander utility to decompress the file, if it won't expand automatically.


1) If you have already installed the previous version, please make sure to uninstall all 'Do-in' files including the database before installing this new version.

2) Save the file from this page to your desktop, or another location on your local disc.

3) To install 'Acupressure & Do-in', "un-stuff"/decompress the archive file.
Inside you will find two files:
   readme.txt - contains information and installation instructions

4) Use Palm Desktop to install the "Do-in.prc" file.

5) After setting up to install the "Do-in.prc" file, place your Palm in the cradle and press the HotSync button to install the program on your device. Once the HotSync is complete, Do-in should be available in the applications area or menu.

Full Read Me file

Note: Palm application no longer supported